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Summertime in Daytona

Florida is home to an abundance of summer getaway destinations. From Disney World in Orlando, to the incredible culture of The Keys, Florida has it all. As an RV enthusiast the options are endless, but if there is destination to make a stop at this summer, it is definitely going to be Daytona.

Daytona Beach Island Festival

Take an RV trip down to Daytona Beach this summer for the annual Island Festival. What is it? A festival for individuals and families looking to feel like they are on an island vacation without the high cost. The festival grounds are filled with island themed vendors, food trucks, drinks, corn hole, hula hooping contests and of course… what would an island party be without a Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band.

With plenty of RV campgrounds in the area your family can enjoy the perks of the Island Festival without having to cram into a car or hotel room. Indulge in the areas boating, shopping boardwalk, park areas and fishing before heading back to your RV site at night to relax and feel the cool Halifax River breeze.

Climb to the Moon in Daytona

If you are looking for a one of a kind experience on this summers RV trip, consider Climb to the Moon. Engage in a tour with the keeper of Florida’s tallest lighthouse, and be sure to pack your walking shoes as you will be descending 203 steps to catch the July moon rising and sun setting.

This is the ultimate location for stunning views with your family to enjoy sparkling drinks and hors d’oeuvres during the evening. This monthly event is offered when the moon is at its fullest so be sure to book your tickets in advance, and with an RV waiting for you, the moon watching doesn’t have to end.

Coke Zero 400 Race

Now, for the main Daytona event this summer, look no further than the Coke Zero 400 powered by Coca-Cola. In it’s 57th year the Nascar Sprint Cup Series will kick off July 4th weekend, showcasing some of the speedway’s latest renovations.

Your summer RV trip to the Coke 400 will not only be a thrill but will give you the opportunity to be one of the firsts in the new front stretch seats and view some of the updated concession areas, restrooms and escalators which will be unveiled during the event. The Coke 400 has a long history of producing some of the best races in Nascar, which is why it is a must for an epic RV summer destination.

Want to make your Daytona RV trip even better this summer? We’ve included five ammenities you may want to consider when choosing your RV rental from Camp USA!

  1. Power Awnings: Consider renting an RV with a power run awning for better shade in the sun, outdoor shelter from Florida’s notorious summer storms and a clean covered space when enjoying your barbecue.
  2. Slide Out Units: Florida summers can be warm, which is why choosing a rental unit with a slide out can give your family some extra space and room while indoors.
  3. Large Fridge: Keeping food items cool in the summer can be a challenge, but with a little extra fridge storage your family can pack more and ensure they are staying at the correct temperatures.
  4. Extra Storage: There are so many activities to enjoy on your summer vacation, so make sure you can bring your favorites items along and have the storage space to house them.
  5. Washer/Dryer: Extend your vacation without worry of overpacking by choosing an RV rental with a washer/dryer in unit. The luxury of being able to throw wet towels and dirty clothes in for a wash will make your experience simpler.

The Camp USA Consignment Perks

How often does your RV sit outside the house? The average RV owner uses their unit recreationally 3-6 times a year. So, our question for you is, what does it do during its’ downtime?

What if we told you there was a way you could use your RV its’ normal 3-6 times a year, but get a return on your investment for when it sits? We know what you are thinking… no way does an opportunity like that exist… and we are here to tell you it does, and it will change how you look at your RV.

RV Consignment has become the leading opportunity for coach owners who only hit the open road a couple of times per year. Camp USA’s Consignment Program allows for owners to rent their unit to other RV enthusiasts without having to worry about deposits, cleaning, scheduled maintenance and marketing. The benefits are endless and the process is simple.

Why Consign?

Consignment opportunities are the perfect solution for those looking to get more out of their initial investment while still having the luxury of using their RV. Programs from companies like Camp USA handle the vast majority of work involved with consignment. They will be consistently working to rent out your unit, while ensuring your RV is taken care of and working in peak condition.

How do I know my RV is being taken care of?

Great question! Camp USA understands that you are trusting your vehicle to others. We instill a No Smoking policy on all coaches. Fines are strictly enforced if evidence of smoking is found, a security deposit in addition to the cost of the rental are in place for your protection. We make it our job to see your RV is kept in pristine condition and is cleaned before and after every use. Necessary maintenance and checks are performed frequently, so as the owner you have a piece of mind knowing all issues are handled immediately and by a team that specializes in RV repair and servicing.

Do I need to provide the renters with anything?

We have you covered. Camp USA provides all items requested by the renter including bed linens, utensils, GPS, etc. Cleaning will be done by our team along with the screening of each renter, check ins, check outs, damage charges and supervision of maintenance. As the owner what you provide is of course your RV, commercial insurance, and coach guard (similar to AAA, but for coaches). Once those items are ready to go… you are ready to rent.

How do we use our RV once it is part of a consignment program?

Again excellent question. Our policy simply asks that you schedule your personal use in advance and we will do our best to make your RV available. Although we do not enforce a strict rule, we do ask that all owners leave standard holidays open. Why? Because that is our busiest time which will result in more revenue for both parties.

How do we get people to rent our RV?

We’ve got that covered too. With two locations in Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale our Florida coverage is vast. This allows us to market in both areas for rental. Through social media and our newly designed website, we are able to connect with our target audience and introduce new rentals to RV travel enthusiasts. Through our website, individuals or families looking to rent can view each available unit, it’s amenities and additional photos that highlight your vehicles best qualities. From there they can contact us directly and begin the process.

What will my return be?

Depending on the base rental for your coach, revenue is split 50/50. On the 15th of every month our team will prepare a revenue reconciliation for the previous month. From there owners will receive a check payment and copies of each rental contract for the prior month, keeping you up to date and knowledgable regarding all use of your RV.

Our aim is get you the maximum return possible and see that you are satisfied with how your unit is being utilized. Renting your RV through Camp USA’s consignment program safeguards your vehicle if any damage or misuse should happen. With all elements handled by Camp USA you can now kick back and relax until your next RV vacation.


Summertime… RV Livin’ Is Easy

Now is the time to start planning out your summer travel. Doesn’t cramming into a small sedan with the whole family (dogs included) and items strapped to the roof sound like fun? Wait a second, that doesn’t sound fun at all, but what other options are there?

Have you ever thought about hitting the open road this summer in an RV rental? Picture the freedom of cooking in your own kitchen and enjoying the great outdoors while sleeping in luxury beds. It is the best of both worlds… not to mention it is much more spacious than your sedan and can guide you to destinations in style and comfort.

RV Rental Vacation Benefits

#1 Space

Space is a huge factor in deciding to ditch the car and grab an RV for travel. Being in Florida we all know those summer temps can be unbearable, and an overpacked car can turn a fun family vacation into a nightmare. The benefits of cruising in an RV rental is the spacious opportunities.

An RV will allow your family to sit safely while having the mobility a standard car could not provide. This allows for less stops and longer travel periods, as comfort is not an issue. While heading up to summer destination spots you see the line of cars packed to the brim with suitcases strapped to the roof. This doesn’t have to be you. With storage, closet spaces and dressers, the days of traveling with no room to spare are gone. Your family can pack the items they want without having to worry about holding it on their laps to conserve room.

#2 Cost

In the summer, popular vacation spots will cost big money, especially for a full family. Accommodations are one of the more costly aspects when planning a vacation, but it doesn’t have to be. With sleeping accommodations and kitchen amenities all in one, an RV rental can save you lots of out of pocket expenses.

A concern of many individuals planning their getaway is the cost of gas. Although the cost of gas for an RV would be more than an average car, the money you are saving on hotels and meals will far out weigh the cost of a few extra gallons. Looking to save more? Many RV road trips entail multiple destination stops. A way to avoid extra fare is by choosing locations that are closer together. That way you can spend less time on the road, less money and be able to enjoy your stops longer.

#3 Schedule

When staying at a resort or traveling by air, you have to live by a schedule. Breakfast is served at a specific time and shuttles run on point, which can affect your entire day if you miss one. It’s exhausting to be on vacation having to rush to certain areas by certain times. An RV however gives you complete control of your families schedule. You are free to eat breakfast, sleep in or travel at any time of day.

When traveling with a family it can be difficult to get everyone up, fed and dressed on time. The luxury of determining your own day will make for a more relaxing trip, where you can decide to stay an extra day or leave early without financial penalties.

Trip Ideas for RV Enthusiasts in Florida and Beyond

#1 Disney

Disney World is the biggest summertime destination in Florida. With the sunshine and abundance of theme park choices families make the trek to Orlando to enjoy one of the most magical places on earth. Orlando is packed with a variety of RV parks that make Disney travel affordable and perfect for the families looking to enjoy the parks as well as the outdoors (check out Fort Wilderness).

#2 Myrtle Beach

South Carolina is home to beautiful Myrtle Beach. With 60 miles of soft sandy beaches, amusement parks and golfing it is the place that can satisfy an entire family. Myrtle Beach caters to RV travelers with an array of campgrounds in various locations, some with ocean views. Travel time from Florida varies depending on your location, but is an easy route with beautiful scenic appeal.

#3 Tennessee

Tennessee isn’t as far as you might think, and a vacation there is full of history, music and the great outdoors. Head up to the Smoky Mountains or trek on over to downtown Nashville with your family to enjoy tourist favorites like the Country Music Hall of Fame. One of the great aspects of a Tennessee vacation is you can hike through incredible trails one day and take on the sites of a bustling city the next. RV parks are always near and will allow you to take your time and enjoy all that Tennessee has to offer.

Do you and your family have a vacation planned for this summer? Share with us your favorite Florida or Southern destinations and why you love to hit the open road in an RV!


RV Rental Perks and Tips for the Ultimate Tailgating Experience!

Some “purists” note that tailgating is only done right if out of an automotive with a pop up tent and grill, but the RV community knows something they don’t. RV tailgating is the ultimate tailgating experience! For events like the Daytona 500 in Daytona Beach, FL or the 12 Hour Race at the Sebring International Raceway, RV enthusiasts are grabbing their rentals and opting for the convenience of camping onsite and enjoying pre-race festivities out of the comforts and luxury of their RV.

The Perks.

One of the biggest misconceptions about RV rentals is that it is the most expensive way to travel. Well, Camp USA is here to set the record straight. During large racing events like the Daytona 500 and Sebring 12 Hour Race, surrounding hotels and lodgings generally increase their prices due to the high demand, costing upwards of a few hundred dollars per night. When traveling with a group or family the cost of hotel rooms can add up fast and with the purchase of race packages, your trip expenses can become overwhelming. RV rentals are quickly becoming the go to travel option, with the ability to house more individuals for less cost, less travel time and in many cases better views of the track.

As if the financial perk isn’t enough, renting an RV to tailgate will have you convinced. The ability to cook and prepare food within the comforts of a kitchen is not how traditional tailgaters would get ready for a meal, but you better believe they want to now. Enjoying fridges, storage space, private bathrooms and shelter from unpredictable Florida weather makes renting an RV for race season an easy choice.

RV Tailgating Tips.

#1 Plan Meals

Ever hear the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen”? The way to ruin your tailgating rhythm is to be unprepared with multiple individuals cooking and prepping at the same time. Prep your meals ahead of grill time to avoid the chaos of preparing a meal in a smaller designated space.

To assist with your meal prep, be sure to plan your meals ahead and construct the items you can. This will make the food transition run smoothly and ensure you have all the items needed to produce a meal.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Your RV Rental only has so much counter space. Try stackable containers to help keep counters tidy and items in order.
  • If you are keeping items cool remember to kick start your fridges hours before to give it adequate time to cool.
  • If not using fridges, remember to grab ice to keep specified items cold.

#2 Prepare Water Tanks and Bathrooms

Not having to use public restrooms while tailgating is a huge benefit of an RV rental, however you need to make sure your tank is prepared. Before departure, check that your water tank has enough water to cover the bottom of the tank, to avoid running out. Adding enough water into your tank allows the sink to run properly and prevents bathroom clogs. RV bathrooms like home bathrooms need water to run without a hitch.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Using single ply toilet paper is highly recommended. It is easier to break down as opposed to thicker more absorbent options.
  • If you have RV newbie’s on board, let them know which products are to be flushed and which are to be discarded in the trash (ex. baby wipes, paper towels, etc.)

#3 Secure a Space

Depending on the area for events like the Daytona 500, spots could be designated, however within a general RV parking area be sure to get there early for the best space. Research the area beforehand to learn which areas have optimum viewing and if there are particular permits needed.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Be courteous to those around, ask if a spot is empty incase a neighbor has a place saved for the rest of their party.
  • Keep your space clean by having an abundance of trash bags on hand and not letting your area spill out into others.

Do you think you are RV ready to take on the races in Daytona Beach and Sebring, FL? You will be, with the help of Camp USA RV rentals. Our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you have about your RV, and give any tips for those who haven’t experienced race season in the style of a luxury RV unit!


Camp USA Road Trip: Orlando, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine

Looking for great destinations in Central and Northern Florida? You’re not the only one. RVs offer freedom of the road and outdoor luxury camping experience that is one of a kind and are the premier choice for individuals and families opting to travel to some of Central and Northern Florida’s vacation hot spots and events.

Welcome to Orlando!

Orlando, FL is home to many attractions, the biggest being of course, Disney World. Opening in 1971, Disney World set out to be the best theme park in the world. Millions travel each year to take on the various parks and tours in Orlando, Florida. Hotels are in abundance, however the cost of a weeks hotel stay on the resort can be expensive. Families looking to take on the park at a fair price are considering new accommodation options in the form of Camp USA’s RV rentals. Disney World Orlando offers a variety of affordable campgrounds like Lake Magic and Fort Wilderness making your adventure a hassle-free one.

The option of RV camping on your Orlando Disney excursion will not only save you money on sleeping arrangements,but give your family the availability to cook your own meals and enjoy the outdoors on your vacation. Paying for meals every night adds on to the already high price of a Disney vacation, so why not cook in the comforts of your own Camp USA RV?

Daytona 500

Since 1959, Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida has been crowned one of the most prestigious race venues on the Nascar circuit. Each year thousands of spectators travel to Daytona to experience the vast excitement and racing traditions. With hotel prices souring around the February Daytona 500 date and tickets at an already hefty price, families and groups are looking for better ways to enhance their experience while enjoying the open road.

Taking on the festivities in the comforts of your RV rental from Camp USA will change the way you experience Daytona 500. Daytona Beach is fully equipped to cater to the RV Nascar crowds. Premium RV spots are available for those who are true race car fans. Entry tickets are not even necessary for sectioned zones and you can enjoy the track from the comforts of your own RV with perks including zero travel time, kitchens to cook in, comfortable bedding and an outdoor tailgating oasis.

The Beauty of St. Augustine

St. Augustine is home to some of the more beautiful sights in Florida. A historic location founded in 1565 is dripping in beautiful Spanish-colonial architecture and rich history. Families and groups journey to St. Augustine to enjoy the extensive surroundings, culture and beaches using an RV as their travel and lodging choice.

With an abundance of RV parks St. Augustine is a great location to park and play. With historical tours, the Mission of Nombre de Dios, Castillo de San Marcos and kayak lighthouse excursions, a Camp USA rental is the perfect solution for a St. Augustine adventure.

There is so much to explore in Central and Northern Florida. Orlando, Daytona Beach and St. Augustine are only a few of the incredible areas your RV Rental from Camp USA can take you. Whether you are a party of two or eight, our spacious and pristine rentals can accommodate groups of all sizes. So stop in or give us a call to reserve an RV for your next Daytona, Orlando or St. Augustine road trip.


Top Three Florida RV Destinations!

Renting an RV from Camp USA opens up so many travel opportunities. Florida is home to some of the best RV destinations for beach lovers, fishers and the adventurers. As RV enthusiasts we know where to go with our units and want to share our top three Florida RV musts!

#1 The Keys: Calling All History Buffs!

If you like to bask in the sunlight while sport fishing in some of Florida’s most beautiful waters, then the Florida Keys is your go to destination. Home to numerous RV campgrounds and Long Key State Park, there is no shortage of RV offerings.

The Keys are known for their perfect climate, culture, architecture in the form of mansions and tin-roof homes and of course their former famous residents such as Hemingway, Frost, Jimmy Buffet and more. The history of the keys is an appealing aspect to many travelers and is a great destination for those looking for more than an outdoors travel stop.

#2 The Everglades: Calling All Adventurists!

We have all heard of the everglades, home to the largest subtropical wilderness in the US, but did you know it is also one of the top RV destinations in Florida? When we think of the Everglades, airboat tours come to mind, but that is just one of the many opportunities the 1.5 Million acres that the Everglades National Park has to offer.

With the vast land and options for “Front” or “Backcountry” campgrounds, the Everglades makes for an RV adventure unlike any other. Featuring incredible hiking trails, boat tours and a glimpse at an extensive eco-system with plants and animals unlike any in the world.

#3 The Panhandle: Calling All Beach Bunnies!

The Panhandle houses some of the best beaches in the United States; Floridian’s may even argue the world. If you have ever traveled to Destin then you might have to agree. Known for their stunning family friendly beaches the panhandle is the perfect travel spot for your RV trip.
Campgrounds are not scarce near the Rocky Bayou State Park, which has some great kayaking/canoe areas, and lets not forget about St. Andrews or Topsail Hill for some warm Florida hospitality.

There we have it, our top three RV destinations in the great state of Florida. Our qualified team at Camp USA can provide you with all of your RV rental or maintenance requirements.

So, lets start your adventure today with Camp USA!