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Fort Lauderdale RV Rentals Lead to Fun in St. Augustine, Florida

Half a century ago, Ponce de Leon thought he had found the fountain of youth. Today the spot he discovered is called St. Augustine, Florida and the fun never gets old. Fort Lauderdale RV rentals ensure that families, nature lovers and history buffs can all find something to enjoy.

RV Accommodations

Travel in comfort and style by renting a luxury RV. Traveling by recreational vehicle offers the convenience of an onboard kitchen, bedroom and restroom. Self-contained motorhomes are easy to drive and highly maneuverable, for safe, stress-free travel. RV rentals in Fort Lauderdale include luxury diesel, class A gas and the popular class C options.

Camp at a state park or private campground around St. Augustine. Favorites include North Beach Camp Resort and the conveniently located Compass RV Park. South of town, stay at the riverside Faver-Dykes State Park.

Natural Beauty

St. Augustine Beach boasts two miles of sugary, white sand. It is known for its clear water and gentle waves. Fort Lauderdale RV rentals make it possible for you to camp at the 1600-acre Anastasia State Park. The park is next to a historical quarry and includes a beautiful, self-guided nature trail.

Animal lovers should visit the St. Augustine Wild Reserve. This sanctuary for exotic animals is home to leopards, wolves and bears that have been rescued over the last quarter century.

An abundance of marine animals dwell in the waters just off St. Augustine’s shore. Dolphins, manatees, eagles and various waterfowl are spotted often.

Historic Sites

Just five miles from St. Augustine Beach, go through the old city gates to enter the pedestrian haven called St. George Street. See the Oldest Wooden School House, shop at boutiques, and enjoy quaint eateries. On St. George Street you will find the Colonial Quarter. This experiential museum offers visitors a sample of life as it was centuries ago. Demonstrations include musket drills and leatherwork techniques.

Whether you feel like relaxing on the sand or visiting a pirate museum, St. Augustine has much to treasure. For Fort Lauderdale RV rentals, contact Camp USA at (954) 520-0075 or fill out the online contact form for more information.